Vajont at Venice VR Expanded, some practical informations

Alessio Di Lorito
Marketing manager at Artheria
Vajont at Venice VR Expanded, some practical...

Wednesday, 2nd September, Vajont had its World Premiere at 77th Venice International Film Festival, in the Virtual Reality section (Venice VR Expanded).

Vajont official poster

Vajont‘s official poster

For the duration of the Venice VR Expanded (September 2nd – 12th), Vajont is available in two different ways.

Do you have a VR headset? VAJONT is on Viveport!

If you have a VR headset, you can try Vajont on Viveport (available until 12th September 2020).

Vajont is compatible with:

  • VIVE
  • VIVE Cosmos
  • VIVE Pro
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Valve Index
  • Windows Mixed Reality

All the projects selected for the 2020 edition of Venice VR Expanded are available on Viveport.

Don’t you have a VR headset?

If you don’t have VR equipment, 15 cultural institutions have set up VR Lounges that are open to the public:

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Let’s meet in “Venice VR Expanded World” on VRChat

These days, we are physically in Venice, but you can also meet us here virtually on VRChat in the stand we created for Vajont inside the Venice VR Expanded World.

Thomas Iuliano e Alessio Di Lorito on VRChat Vajont avatars

Thomas Iuliano and me on VRChat

You can access the room for free. Just create an account on VR Chat (also from Windows PC) and enter the Venice VR Expanded World.

Want to get to know the protagonists of Vajont?

On the official website you can get to know the protagonists of our virtual experience, through the correspondence between the couple: how they first met and how their love was born.

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